Water Storage

Rainwater harvesting

Clean water is one of the most fast-depleting, most precious resources on our planet. This fact is the main reason why water conservation is a must. With the help of having rainwater harvesting tanks you can find a simple way to save the environment and by doing so save on your outgoing bills every month, if those reasons aren’t enough to convince you then keep reading.

France were one of the first European countries to make it compulsory for the installation of a water harvesting unit to be installed to any new build home, the rules come in to force January 2021. It’s a forward step in saving the environment and utilising rainfall as opposed to the tap water.

The majority of home owners do not realise just how much tap water we use. For example 1 toilet flush equates to 4.5 litres of water, so a family of 5 can use approximately 157.5 litres per day…that’s 57,487.5 litres per year. Now also take into account the rest of your household appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher.

Our underground rain water storage units come with a range of options, the simple options are installed for garden usage such as watering the plants or topping up the pool. Our superior rain water harvesting units for the purpose of sanitation, shower, washing machine and dish washer are becoming very popular.

When should we install?

Any time is convenient when it comes to utilising rain water….we’ve noticed most of our clients tend to install a rainwater harvesting unit when we are onsite installing their sanitation services, this keeps the costs down on moving machinery to and from site and also means all of the groundworks are completed in one single process.


Installing water storage tanks and other essentials for storing water plays a significant role in helping many homes for their daily task. This includes different household chores, reducing utility bills, saving the environment, and so on.

Before deciding to install water storage tanks in your home, it is important to remember that choosing the right company or professionals can affect the effectiveness of the water conservation.