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Obtaining the correct, most appropriate sanitation system for the solution to your waste matter can be challenging.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction with all of our contracts. This is why we have been able to trade for as long as we have. We will give you the best advice, using the most up to date regulations here in France.  We will ensure that you have the best septic tank system specifically for your requirements. We always provide a high level of service at all stages of the contract. From the free, no obligation quote, to free advice and regular contact via email/social media platforms right through to completion.

Please do have a browse of our website and click on the links below to see for yourself the many contracts we have been entrusted with.

Fosse Septiques

We are fosse installation specialists here in Normandy, France. We can arrange everything from start to finish – from the soil test, installation and, of course, the final inspection and signing off by the French agency SPANC.


Whatever your landscaping requirements, be it patios, retaining walls, pond areas, decking – we will work with you to create that perfect outdoor area.


We can provide all manner of driveway solutions for your property here in Normandy, France. Be it temporary, if you are carrying out renovation works, or the final finish to a driveway.

Michael Miller Smith – Company Director,
MMS Groundworks, Normandy, France

Michael Miller-Smith has extensive knowledge and experience in all manner of groundworks. Due to an early start in the industry, he has a wealth of experience, in all aspects of groundworks. Experience that included working with house building companies (eg Persimmon Homes) and then subsequently the Environment Agencies to name but a few. To read more about our story, please click here.

“Michael is both very good at what he does and also a very pleasant and helpful person to work with. In addition to his skill with a digger he also is very good at helping you through the etude process and getting the arcane processes of SPANC completed in a sensible timescale.

We’ve no hesitation in recommending him!”

Nick Shacklock

MMS Groundworks

Our reputation is of paramount importance to us. All our works are carried out to a professional standard and is the reason why we are continually recommended in Normandy, France.

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