Fosse Installation

Here at MMS Groundworks we take care of the entire process of your fosse installation. We have detailed below what you can expect when we undertake the installation of your fosse.

Stage 1 – The Site Visit

An on site survey is undertaken by one of our accredited engineers to access the needs of property and customer.

Some questions that need to be asked include the following :-

  1. What size system is needed?
  2. What type or make of system would suit the situation property?Where will the system discharge? 
  3. Is an electric supply required, how can this be achieved?

Stage 2 – Planning Permission 

A detailed dossier and plans are set up to hand over to the planning authorities and planning is secured. MMS Groundworks complete the entire process leaving no stone unturned. Unfortunately, there are times we have to install systems that haven’t complied to the required standards. We know that this can make the client unsure about using other contractors when they’ve had a bad experience.

You can be rest assured that we will always rectify and make good these contracts. These may have been caused by delays in installation due to poor designs/incomplete planning applications. This is why we recommend you use our services from the beginning.  However, should this not be the case, we will ALWAYS rectify anything that does not comply.  No contract has beaten us yet due to our extensive knowledge of the entire process.

Stage 3 – Deposit Payment

Once all details are finalised and the quote is agreed upon, an invoice can be raised and a deposit will be required for payment

Stage 4 – Installation

Undertake the installation and commission the systemThis involves the inspection by an officer from the French authorities before the system has been back filled.

Stage 5 – Payment Balance

Receive payment balance for the installed sanitation system.